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Quality Assured

Chandler's Tree Service, LLC aims to provide clients with the best possible information regarding their trees and properties. Our staff have current ISA Certified Arborist, Municipal Arborist and Tree Risk Assessment Qualifications and provides the following:

        1) Appraisals

        2)Tree risk assessments

        3) Development projects including Tree Protection Zones

        4) General advice regarding trees and tree health.


Tree Preservation

Exceptional Service

Tree preservation can be a delicate process involving one or a combination of techniques to keep a tree healthy and lessen the chance a tree or a tree part fails. We strive to provide clients with options and guidance for preserving their trees. We offer pruning, cabling, bracing, and root crown excavation services. All work is done to ISA Best Management Practices, and ANSI A300 Standards to ensure your trees stay healthy and last a long time.


Tree Removal

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Tree removal is a lot more than taking a chainsaw and cutting a tree down. It can involve complicated rigging, climbing and technical skills. Chandler's Tree Service, LLC has the skills and tools necessary to tackle your tree removal project.

Dyers polypore.jpg

Plant Heatlh Care 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

This program provides clients with a holistic approach to maintaining trees and shrubs in their landscapes. This service will treat for specific invasive pests, remediate poor soils, include suggestions for planting appropriately, and discuss appropriate watering for young trees in your landscape. Some of the services related to Plant Health Care we provide are trunk injections to prevent decline in birch and ash trees, decompaction of soil, adding wood chips and soil amendments, and more. Note* image is of a dyers polypore fruiting body indicating brown cubicle rot in the roots of a mature Doug fir tree.


Volunteer Efforts

Caring for our Community

At Chandler's Tree Service, LLC, we take pride in our community and the surrounding environment, after all, we live here too. On Saturday Mornings we have been found volunteering with Friends of Trees Eugene to get a new generation of trees started in our community! When called upon, Chandler's Tree Service, LLC enthusiastically assists the Cascade Raptor Center with raptor rescues and removing dead trees from around raptor cages. We also have enjoyed the privilege of hanging art for local artists from time to time.

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